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Stuck in the mud at Rock am Ring

At the end of last week we were delivering (well attempting to anyway!) a Hashtag Printer to the guys at Zippo to be used on their stand at the world famous Rock am Ring rock festival .  The festival is held at Mendig Air Base close to Cologne in Germany.

With heavy downpours on the Thursday afternoon the whole festival site and more importantly the main arena was completely waterlogged. Our poor little two wheel drive van didn’t really stand a chance of getting out by itself, and after a 5 minute battle with the mud got stuck right out the front of the Jagermeister deer bar.  Thankfully though Jagermeister had several Mercedes G-Wagons and were more than happy to let us borrow one to assist in getting us and the van back onto the main road and out of the muddy field.  Thanks Jager!

You can see a video of the rescue operation from our Instagram account below.

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