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School Prom Photo Booth Hire

Why hire a photo booth?

What can be a better way of saying goodbye to all your teachers and friends than a beautiful and fun party? As scary as it seems when the school ends, you have to leave all your bffs and step into an adult life. Here at The Photo Cabin with fully understand the pressure (we remember how it feels) and we know from our own experience that there is nothing better and more comforting than memories from all of those times.

Let’s be honest, having a photographer can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. Just a thought that there is someone constantly taking photos of you where you least expect it. At the end of a day the last thing that you want is to look bad on your school prom photos! That’s not the way you want to be remembered!

Photo Booth is a perfect solution. You choose when you want to go and have a go. There is no worries on looking bad, and even if it goes bad you just do it again! There is unlimited amount of prints so you can snap until you pass out. You can take a photo by yourself, with your boyfriend/girlfriend or with your whole group of friends!

All inclusive school prom photo booth hire package 

YOU’LL GET ALL THIS AS STANDARD – take a look at all the cool features that are included in your school prom package – and choose which ones you want us to fit your booth out with.

Filters – Typically, we’ll provide six photo filter options to play with – colour, black and white, sepia tone, blue tone and two Instagram-style filters. Or upon request we can do cartoon, sketch, Andy Warhol style, Kardashian filter and more!

Unlimited Visits – Our booths will print your snaps in eight seconds flat, so you’re free to take as many as you like! You can choose from top notch 6×2″ or 6×4″ prints that are fade proof and fully water resistant, so no need to worry about those spilt drinks or sticky fingers!

Party Props– We’ve got enough of these to start a small fancy dress shop! From faux moustaches, to dogs snouts, specs and everything in between – your and your friends will love fooling around with our wide range of party props.

Personalised Prints – If you’re looking to add a touch of class to proceedings, our in-house design team can create a print design to perfectly compliment the theme of your Prom. You can see examples of personalised prints here_______

Web Gallery – We’ll upload all of your photos to their own online gallery, so you can flick through them any time and download your favourites (complimentary of course!). And if you like, we can password protect it so it can only be viewed by your friends and family. You can see an example gallery here.


We also offer a range of extra features to even bigger amount of entertainment at your Prom and help you capture the passion and excitement of your event with style.

Green Screen – What is green screen you might ask? Well to put it short its basically magic! The physical background remains green, but in the photos the it can be anything that you like. A space ship, mountain, beach, Vulcano, or maybe your school building. You choose and we’ll pre-load the booth with up to six different backgrounds.

Animated GIFs – Our booths make it incredibly easy to create GIF animations that you can quickly share with your friends and family online. Just snap four photos and we will make it into a animated image. There is unlimited fun that you can have with it and the best part is that the photo that you take can still be printed, it’s like 2in1. Would you like to see some GIF examples? click here to find out more.

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