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LEGO Photo Booth

On the 17th November 2016 the flagship LEGO store opened in Leicester Square in London. So far it is marked as the biggest in the world (GO UK!) The store itself is quite unbelievable. Not only is there many stunning LEGO structures but the attention to detail is quite spectacular. Going there feels more like going to Legoland than just a toy shop. 

New Lego Store

As you walk up to the store you can see a six-meter high Big Ben made of 200,000 blocks! It took 2,280 hours to build, and features a working clock face which is illuminated at night. Impressive isn’t it? That’s not all though. When you walk through the door on your left there is part of an underground train built entirely from LEGO where you can sit down between two lego men and take a pretty cool photo. 

Lego Mosaic Maker Software

There are many things to explore and enjoy but there is one feature of the store that The Photo Cabin liked the most (you all probably know where I’m going with this). The LEGO store has their own photo booth and it’s not just a normal, standard booth which you can find in any arcade. It’s a photo booth that makes your photo out of the iconic bricks and it’s called the Mosaic Maker.

Lego Photo Booth Software Screen

Seems a little bit unbelievable doesn’t it? I couldn’t believe it as well but it’s actually very smart but simple idea. The photo booth itself takes a photo of you and then changes it into a LEGO image. You get yellow background and your face is made of white, black and 2 different shades of grey. The machine itself doesn’t create the mosaic, it just prints the photo in a big format on paper. As soon as you walk out from the booth the photo is printing and there is a box of LEGO bricks ready to be collected. In the box you get 4,502 individual pieces spread across five of those mentioned colours, but you actually only need 2,304 of them to do your portrait. It costs £99 to do it which at first seems like a lot of money but then when you think about how many pieces you get it actually doesn’t seem so bad.

Lego Portrait

Summing up the whole thing is really cool and unique. They’ve made something that no one has ever made before and the Leicester Square shop is the only one in the world to have it. If you coming on holidays to London definitely go and have a look and if you’re feeling adventurous then definitely go and have a go! At the end of a day LEGO is something that never will go out of fashion and having portrait of yourself made of the bricks will be always very cool.


At The Photo Cabin we definitely like the idea of it and we are slowly working on making one ourselves, so stay tuned for that!

But for now, we’ll stick with the classic standard photo booths like our Photoautomats or our new invention which is the Andy Warhol’s photo filter

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