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Whiskey Mist ‘Confession Booth’ Photo Booth

Situated in the heart of Mayfair, the exclusive Whisky Mist private members’ club asked for a themed booth to entertain their high flying clientele.

The venue has a strong medieval feel to it. It boasts an array of chandeliers, religious iconography and stained glass windows. To match this distinctive theme, we created a bespoke photo booth that resembles a church confession box – so that guests can use it to ‘confess their sins’.

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The booth is encased in a custom-made, wood effect vinyl wrap, which we created with the help of an illustrator we sourced on behalf of Whisky Mist. Clubbers can preview their snaps inside it on a small 7” screen after they’ve taken them, and then print them off for only £2. Once they’ve inserted their coins, it takes just 11 seconds for the machine to produce 6×4″ postcard size prints.

Additionally, the booth has a 23″ touchscreen built into the outside that lets users view the last 30 photos and email the ones they like to themselves. It automatically stores these addresses so that Whisky Mist can send guests targeted marketing material in the future.

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