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Listerine – Case Study

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Listerine Stay White at Bestival

The Listerine team were thrilled about the huge social media presence their Stay White campaign achieved thanks to our Photo Tower booth. The marketing event ran for three days at the 2014 Bestival on the Isle of Wight, and resulted in over 130,000 impressions on Facebook. In that time, our booth took 1,832 photos, and shared 458 digital prints to Facebook. The event also enjoyed a significant amount of online engagement, receiving over 15,000 ‘likes’ and 177 comments. The Stay Whitecampaign aimed to help revellers keep their smile beautiful and look fantastic – a task which is famously tricky when camping at a muddy British festival. To achieve this, they set up a beauty bar where people could get their hair styled, nails done and face painted. Once each festival goer had perfected their look, they could then jump into our Photo Tower booth to capture their desert island moment! Users then uploaded their pictures directly to Facebook. Over the course of the weekend, Listerinewere giving away free sample bottles of their mouthwash – and many of these made an appearance in the photos. As usual, we customised out Photo Tower to fit in with their campaign idea, and provided a raft of additional support to ensure the event was a resounding success: We added branded clad to the Photo Tower to make it a bright, dazzling white – completely transforming its look from the standard black finish. We then added branding to the four light boxes, with two sides displaying the Listerine logo and the other two saying “PHOTO BOOTH” on them. We also printed instructions onto the back of the booth explaining how it works. Once the booth was complete, we also printed a “step and repeat” backdrop for them to use. Finally, we sent a member of staff out to Bestival to man the booth and lend a hand to anyone who needed help uploading their snaps to Facebook. This was the first time Listerine have ever staged a marketing event like this, and they were extremely impressed with the results we helped them to achieve.

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