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Work Christmas parties

Hosting a work party doesn’t have to be a daunting task. For companies that organize their own Christmas parties, it is difficult to come up with a new and fresh idea every year that hasn’t already been done several times. A photo booth hire for the next Christmas party is the answer.

A work party photo booth will provide a one-of-a-kind entertainment thrill for guests. Many people have used a photo booth at a wedding. However, photo booths can be used in so many other venues. Photo booths are gaining popularity for corporate events and private parties.

Employees appreciate being acknowledged for all their hard work throughout the year. Send a clear message to employees, and hire a work party photo booth. The message employees receive is that they are worth going that extra mile for, to provide a memorable end-of-year celebration.

The photo booth hire is a simple and fun concept. The photo booth is dropped off and assembled quickly at the party location. An on-site photo booth attendant is provided for assistance throughout the evening. Guests choose from a variety of props to wear and hold. They step inside the booth, close the curtain, and press start on the easy to use touch screen. The screen will show a countdown before the photo is taken, and a preview of the finished product. In seconds, the photo is ready. The state-of-the-art photo booth uses the latest technology. A digital camera takes sharp, high quality images and a professional printer prints the photos for guests to take home. The work party photo booth is rented out on a fee per hour basis for the required number of hours. Choose from many photo booth rental packages.

A work party photo booth is a brilliant way for employees to let their hair down, get involved, and have plenty of laughs. Photos captured will, no doubt, be hilarious and unexpected. Co-workers will be able to see another side of each other, making for a better work environment. For a one-of-a-kind work Christmas party, hire an affordable photo booth for a unique way to capture priceless memories to last a lifetime.

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